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Thermal Expansion System:

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Patent design; 6 group resilience arms & elastic pillars; Help to avoid court bulging caused by the rise in temperature.

Cold Shrinkage System:

Consisted of 8 elastic sheets and a lateral post; Preventing the court from cracks caused by temperature reduction.

Texture Surface Treatment:

No reflection, don’t glare, better friction; Slip resistance, safer playing.

Flexible Connection System:

4 elastic joints enhance the anti-bulging and anti-cracking performance.

Raw Materials:

Modified polypropylene; color master batch; light stabilizer; TPES.

Strengthened Supporting System:

This system consists of 55 sets of strengthened ribs, imitating the characteristics of professional sports wooden flooring, and reducing the vertical deformation of the floor to ensure the strength and load-bearing ability of the product.

Safety System:

2 group fixer & expansion screws & screws & hole; Help anti-displacement, anti-storm wind, against thief.

Buffering System:

32 pcs Elastic Cushion on the backside, decomposes surface pressure evenly. Made from 100% elastic material, With durable and elastic characteristics. The rippling bottom provides better friction, and the widened cushion design provides more stable and comfortable support.

  1. Size:304.8mm304.8mm19mm(±0.15mm)
  2. Weight:424.8g(±10g) Warranty: 5 Years

Warranty: 5 Years

Lifespan – 15 years

Note: Price at per square meter rate

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