Is it necessary for anyone to be present during the delivery?

If you have requested for direct delivery to your house and not via our installation team, then the answer is Yes, someone will need to be home. The basketball courts and hoop systems are very heavy and expensive. We would hate to leave the goods on the nature strip as you run the risk of having the product stolen or damaged. We also normally use a 3rd party delivery service that only supplies 1 delivery driver. Hence we recommend a few people to be onsite to help the delivery driver unload the basketball court and hoop. If you are unable to assist the delivery driver, then please let The Basketball Warehouse team know and we will have to arrange alternate means to deliver. To keep the delivery costs down for you, this is normally the best approach for delivery.

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What is the delivery fee for the item that I ordered?

The cost to deliver the ordered item/s from The Basketball Warehouse depends on your location and the size. Please contact our team at +63 939 8162823 or email sales@thebballwarehouse.com to get a quote.

What is the estimated time of delivery for an ordered item?

If available, your order will be shipped within 3-7 days. We typically have stock readily available. If you’d like to collect the item you’ve ordered to save on delivery fees, or if you prefer to pick up the ordered item from our office, kindly reach out to us at +63 939 8162823.

Is it safe to drive on the Sport Interlocking Flooring?

Certainly, to a reasonable extent, you are allowed to drive over the tiles. These tiles have been assessed for a rolling load pressure of up to 3 tonnes when they are securely anchored and professionally installed. It’s important to note that the term “rolling load” refers to a load that is in motion and not stationary (referred to as “dead load”). We advise against placing vehicles, especially those heavier than or nearly 3 tonnes, on the surface for prolonged periods. If your intention is to utilize the product for driveways or areas with high vehicular traffic, it is advisable to opt for the EliteX interlocking flooring. This variant is thicker and more robust, equipped with a heavier-duty anchoring system.

Can you provide instructions on how to install the lines and logos on a court?

Following your design, we meticulously apply tape to demarcate the court and administer paint onto the lines within the factory premises, rather than on location. The sole circumstances under which on-site painting might occur are for commercial projects or unconventional court configurations. When we possess the accurate and approved logo file, we create a stencil, which is subsequently employed to apply the logo directly onto the tile using paint.

Can I request custom designs, colors, and lines?

Certainly! We certainly can! Every court is fully adaptable when it comes to dimensions, shades, and patterns. Don’t hesitate to inquire with our approachable team for a few illustrations. Kindly be aware that a supplementary fee per square meter is applicable for color personalization.

Can the Sport Interlocking Flooring be easily moved or transported?

Certainly, the most exciting aspect of our courts is their portability. You can easily dismantle and relocate your court to your new address. If our team professionally installed your court, reach out to our helpful staff at +63 939 8162823. They will guide you through the process of moving your Basketball Warehouse court or provide you with the necessary information.

Is there a warranty included with your Sport Interlocking Flooring?

Certainly, our Sport Interlocking Flooring provides some of the most competitive warranties available. These warranties vary, ranging from 5 to 8 years, depending on the specific tile model you choose.

What is the production and delivery time for Sport Interlocking Flooring?

Once your order is confirmed, your court will be prepared for delivery and will be ready for play within 6-8 weeks with standard shipping, or within 2-3 weeks with priority shipping. Our adherence to this timeline is rooted in our commitment to crafting each court according to your specific requirements. In contrast to many of our competitors who offer only a limited selection of 1-2 colors at any given time, thus constraining your customization options, we take pride in constructing Sport Interlocking Flooring that is tailored to your preferences and standards. On rare occasions, we may have local stock available for immediate dispatch in specific colors. To ascertain this availability, kindly reach out to our team at +63 939 8162823.

What level of durability can be expected from the Sport Interlocking Flooring?

The Sport Interlocking Flooring has been meticulously crafted using premium-grade materials and cutting-edge technology to ensure longevity. Constructed from a composite polymer material, these tiles incorporate UV stabilizers and feature silicon-cushioned feet, enhancing their durability and performance. For a comprehensive understanding of the numerous advantages offered by our sports tiles, we invite you to explore our Courts page. This section details the array of benefits associated with our product.

Can you tell me how long the line markings and logos last? Do they fade or stay looking the same?

Fading of line-marking and logos is a frequent occurrence as time goes by, attributed to the natural wear and tear on your court. To initiate the process of restoring them, simply reach out to our team at +63 939 8162823. Our local line-marking specialists will be ready to provide you with a quote for reapplying the line-marking. The durability of your line-marks hinges on a range of factors such as court usage and prevailing weather conditions.

What kind of paint do you recommend to revive the lines and logos?

We suggest utilizing A1 Road marking paint (alkaloid-based). While this paint is readily available, we advise reaching out to our team. This way, we can connect you with our endorsed line-marking suppliers, given that the application process can be demanding.

I would like to know the procedure for repairing or replacing a tile.

Extremely simple, we typically include a small number of extra tiles in every order, representing each color. Your task is to effortlessly detach the flawed tile by undoing the clip and then attach the new tile by securing it back in place. On occasion, you might need to disengage the tile anchor first to gain access to the impaired tile.

Can you provide me with instructions on how to clean the Sport Interlocking Flooring?

The most effective method for cleaning tiles involves utilizing a pressure washer. However, it’s advisable to avoid employing an excessively strong commercial setup or using attachments with narrow tips, as these could potentially harm the paint. We also discourage the application of any cleaning solutions or chemicals, as they may result in residue buildup or surface damage.

Is maintenance necessary for the Sport Interlocking Flooring?

In addition to routine sweeping or pressure cleaning for the removal of dirt and debris, no further maintenance is necessary, which sets it apart from surfaces like synthetic grass or acrylic. The Sport Interlocking Flooring (similar to a gutter guard) functions as a filter, allowing fine sediment to pass through the porous tiles. Water will naturally guide most of the dust or fine dirt away due to the inherent slope of the solid surface beneath. The top layer of coarse material can be easily brushed, hosed, or blown away. Over time, the only potential upkeep required might involve reapplying painted line markings and logos.

Can the Hoop Systems withstand various weather conditions?

Upon purchasing a Hoop System, you’ll enjoy a corrosion-resistant galvanization, tailored pole padding, reinforced gusset padding, backboard cushioning, anchor kit, and an extended limited lifetime warranty.

What is the overhang measurement?

To ensure you have enough space to play through, it’s essential to consider the overhang when choosing a basketball hoop. Our hoop system has an overhang of 900mm, while the 72 has an overhang of 1200mm – the same as competition regulation. The extra overhang on the 72 allows for more playing room. Both models have a 300mm x 300mm square steel plate for anchoring.

Can you provide guidance on how to choose the most suitable Hoop System for my needs?

The optimal solution for fulfilling your requirements hinges on the dimensions of your playing area and your financial considerations. As we engineer all our merchandise for enduring quality, a crucial determinant is courts that typically measure below 7 meters in width. In such cases, we generally suggest the employment of the Hoop System 60 hoop due to the balanced proportion between the backboard and the court. For spaces exceeding the 7-meter width threshold, we commonly propose the adoption of the 72-inch Hoop. It’s worth noting that our guideline of a 7-meter-wide court serves primarily as an aesthetic suggestion. We’ve had numerous customers who have installed 72-inch backboards even in more confined court settings.

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